Quilting and Sewing
The quilting/sewing group is officially
known as the Hesperia Hall Home Bureau
and meets at the Hall on the first and third
Wednesday of each month from 12 to 2
PM.   All skill levels are encouraged to
attend, from beginning to advanced.  
Numerous quilting and sewing techniques
are covered by the group throughout the

The group makes a queen sized quilt each
year for a raffle to raise funds for the Hall
scholarship program.  Construction
generally begins in January and is
completed prior to the Chicken Barbecue in
April.  Tickets are sold until the Country
Faire in October, when the winning ticket is
plucked from the drum.

If you have any questions about the group,
call Kate Snell at 805-472-2070 or email
Kate Snell with the 2006 Raffle Quilt
Ann Brown with 2005 Raffle Quilt
Quilt publicity photo 2006 (left to
right- Barbara Walters, Tiffany
Pineda, Kate Snell, Diana McElmoyl)
Work in progress on the
2008 Hall quilt
Kate with the 2007
Raffle Quilt
Georgie admiring the
2008 Hall Raffle Quilt