Hesperia Hall Annual Quilt Show

The 2017 Hesperia Hall Quilt Show; spectacular as always!!
Stage Embroidery Display
Group Donation Quilts,
Barbara's Railfence
Kid's Summer Sewing Group's
The Cat's Bow Wow
Kate's Mola, Georgie's Dresden Plate
Neva Dugger's Contained Crazy, Marilyn's
Table Runner, Grace's Sampler,

Georgie's Chickens
Hall Palm Leaf Raffle
Quilt leading the rafter
Robin's Shoo Fly, Neva
Dugger's Cross Roads,
Carolyn's Midnight in the
Jane's Tropical Butterflies, Carolyn's Quirky
Quakey Cabin, Carolyn's Tornado, Faye Davis
Framed Embroidery
Penny's pareo dress, Barbara's Hesperia
Baskets, Kate's Postage Stamp
Beautiful quilts flying proudly
in the rafters
Jane's Log Cabin, Lynne's
Organic with a Twist, Cats by
Shutz, Cohn & Ouwerkerk
 Carolyn's Life Along the San
Antonio, Neva's Contained Crazy,
Robin's Flag
Georgie with Barbara and her
Carolyn's Supernova, Connie's Fire Quilt, Kate's
Dress, Delani's Searching for Sunflowers
Georgie's Red White Blue and
Sampler, Barbara Roy's Good
Luck, Carolyn's Supernova