Membership and Hall Scheduling
Membership ​and Scheduling ​
Chairperson is ​Carol Kenyon
Mailing address:​  ​
75529 Deer Pass Road, Bradley, CA 93426
Email​: ​
Phone:​  ​805-729-0490

Please put "Hesperia Hall" on  the subject line of your email.

Click on
membership application if you would like to become
a member.   Annual dues are $20 per family (family is one or
more individuals living in same household). There is no
charge for children under the age of 18.  Membership is on a
calendar year basis- January 1 through December 31.  

Hesperia Hall may be used by members at the discretion of
the Board.  Click on
Hesperia Hall Member Use Agreement to
review the policy.  Contact Carol Kenyon if you are interested
in using the Hall for a community or private function.

The Hall Newsletter is mailed out each month.  Click on
Newsletter link above for additional information.