Music ruled the night at the March potluck
Ed and Marlen
with the kids
Jim receiving the rapt attention of the attendees.
Oktoberfest Potluck and the annual Country Faire
Overview of Hall
as attendees
arrive for Country
Music provided by Nick
Outdoor Vendors and
The Hall sprang to life with a night of
Oktoberfest Festivities
Outdoor Vendor Row
It was another great Hesperia
Hall Country Faire
Cody, Liam, and Brendan in the
Leapin' Lederhosen tournament
Penny whacking the piñata

Enthusiastic Food Servers for
8th grade fundraiser
Marty at the Dessert Table,
Quilt on display
Produce and Sewing items
on display
David and Carol
at the grill...yum!!
Oktoberfest 2016 Crowd and
Dori w/accordion on stage