A ton of fun, learning, and creative talent at
the Summer Kids' Sewing group
Young Bearett Gil
Kids' parade on stage...dazzling!!
New Kids on the Block, and a Doggone Good Christmas Event
Oktoberfest parade
on stage
Officials' Night" at
the August Potluck
Poncho on watch,
jingling all the way
Dottie and Nicki
looking festive
Welcome to new youngsters in
the Bryson Hesperia
CalFire taking on Pippin
(a welcome break from
battling wildfires!)  
It was another great
Hesperia Hall
Country Faire
What's a Christmas season
without a Christmas dog
Penny whacking the piñata
Ashley getting tips from Georgie
Otto, regal in his
Christmas bow
Lochlan and Ephrem totally
focused on the project
Emilia Cogdell (on her Home
Bureau Chicken Quilt)