Music ruled the night at the March
(L-R) Lochlan,
Ceceli, Cort, Ashley
with the quilt top
they made this
summer along with
Abigail, Josh, Noah
and Jeremy
The Traditional Chicken Dance
Great times at the annual Oktoberfest potluck...
Oktoberfest parade
on stage
Combined Hall and
Bicycle Riding Club
Support team for the
Carmel Double Century
Bicycle Ride on Aug 25.
Molly's big surprise
Leapin' Lederhosen and an altogether wonderful event
CalFire taking on Pippin
(a welcome break from
battling wildfires!)  
It was another great Hesperia
Hall Country Faire
Some Leapin' Lederhosen
Penny whacking the piñata
Anya and Liam ready to battle
Some of the guests at the
August Officials Potluck
Produce and Sewing items
on display
Sheena and Anya in
traditional dirndls
Dori w/accordion on stage