Music ruled the night at the March potluck
A great time was
had at the June
Potluck, featuring
4-H displays
Jim receiving the rapt attention of the attendees.
Grafting Class and March Potluck
Overview of Hall
as attendees
arrive for Country
Music provided by Nick.
Armand high stepping
in lederhosen
It was a great opportunity to learn
something new at the annual grafting class
Country Faire 2016  
8th grade food service team
Music ruled the night
at the March potluck
Oktoberfest 2016  
Leapin Lederhosen Contest
Penny whacking the piñata
Attendees enjoying the food and music.
Country Faire 2016  outdoor
vendor staying dry
Guest musician Janet Dove.
Marie, Bridget, Ed, and Jim with
"tools of the trade"  as the
demo/class gets underway.
Oktoberfest 2016 Crowd and
Dori w/accordion on stage