Food, Friends, and Bargains at the AnnualChicken Barbecue and White Elephant Sale
Stars of the show, the intrepid
barbecue crew,  (L-R) David G.,
Mike, David R., and Dan,
performed their annual magic
on the chickens
Game Warden Matt Gil
A splash of beauty and
nostalgia arrived with the
classic cars on display
Chimney Fire: night time
visiting the Hall
The Carmel Valley
Double Century
bicycle ride,
lunch stop (100 mile
mark!) at Hesperia
It was a perfect spring day in
Bryson Hesperia for the annual
chicken barbecue and
white elephant sale
Elizabeth and Madelyn
learning the fun of
Hesperia Hall with family
and dear friends
Rupert hard at work coaxing
big bucks out of the bidders
who were eager to grab
some great white elephant
What better place to celebrate a
beautiful day at the Hall than
outside at the Great Oak!
The beautiful scholarship quilt on
display for all to enjoy
Nick Brittan once again
delighted the crowd with his
guitar and voice. Thanks Nick!
Eager volunteers ready to serve
up some great food to the
hungry guests
There was the usual
stunning array of tantalizing
desserts, overseen by  (L-R)
Lynne, Connie,
Beth, and Amy