The New Year's Eve musical celebration
Performers Yuko, Eli, and Billie on the stage
behind the
revelers on the floor
New Year's Eve 2017 crowd
dancing the night away!
It was a memorable evening
of great music to welcome
in a new year.
Future awardees (L-R):  Gianna,
Delfina, Faith, Lyla, Eddie.
New Year's Eve 2017...
Yuko, Eli, and Billie rockin' out
A Mutsu apple tree, just leafing out
for the season
A young and thriving Pink Lady
Three apple trees grafted at
the Hall in 2006, 2008, 2013;
now thriving at Bill and Jane's
house in King City...this one is
a Pippin
August Potluck...a gathering of officials
Beth and Jan intently learning
the art of grafting from Jim
Awardees (L-R): Sara Shepherd, Victoria Villegas (accepting for son
DJ), Andrew Wilson, Molly Smith with grandson Eddie (accepting for
daughter Ellen), Russell Brittan, Aly Carroll, Matthew Hardoy, Michaela
Steele, Eileen Comstock, Robert Comstock, Yuri Pineda, Nichole
Landon, (awardees not pictured are Sydney Roth and Amy Sweet).