Happy guests
enjoying a fabulous
meal on a beautiful
spring day.
Lots of chicken, lots of white elephants, lots of fun at the annual barbecue and auction
Lydia in the shade of her
parasol, enjoying Tim's
musical offering.
A fleet of beautiful classic cars graced
the parking lot
Quite the array of tempting
goodies offered up by the
ladies working the dessert
table. Who needs chicken??
Cherie graciously
staffing the beverage
booth...where are the
kids Cherie??
The Annual Chicken Barbecue
and White Elephant Salei
Cal Fire guests with Jack and Helene
It was the usual suspects barbecuing a fantastic
batch of birds for all the attendees
Armand and Santa.
And of course we would all go away hungry without the
hard work of an enthusiastic and smiling serving crew!
Penny telling Santa a good joke.
Janice prepping that
YUMMY bread.
Plenty of butter
Quentin wasting no time opening his
present as Santa starts heading back to
his sleigh for his long ride north.